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29th May 2015

jeff winter
Play-off final at Wembley in the past now, time for luck to change. Tuesday a reality check after London, back to child minding and the realisation that football doesn't really matter. Oh yeah!!!

Wednesday up to Hamilton to watch Lady Ibrox, as usual when I go to that track its always pissing down.

jeff winter
This has to be the day! With the help of claimer Joey Haynes on board we are running seven pound slower than our revised handicap mark. After being backed to 4/1 second favourite from 11/2, she drifted like a lilo out to 9/1. Why? What do the bookies know?

jeff winter
As our trainer always says, the horse doesn't know the odds. But we soon found out though was that she had no bloody chance from her draw, horses came up the stand rail and went away from the rest, we were drawn one furthest away in the middle of the track. That doesn't help - the money was done!!

Our jockey and Ben Curtis who would have rode her had he not have been on his stable horse confirmed she had no chance. Great!!!

Play off shambles with Boro, now the horse, it couldn't get any worse, could it?

Well yes, the A74 was closed, so stuck in traffic for 90 minutes. Hopefully that's the run of bad luck out of the way. Now for my final game of the season. Forty five Boro games, around 25 Rangers matches, half a dozen Pools and the odd other one thrown in. Its been a cracking season, with all the ups and downs; surely it would end on a high.

jeff winter
Thursday and back up the road to Glasgow, feeling confident about this one, Motherwell have had a wretched season, a full Ibrox would roar Rangers home to a comfortable first leg lead. That was the plan, the week just got worse.

Pre match the atmosphere was good, hope was high but Motherwell surprised me and no doubt everybody else. They were confident, played with pace and purpose and with Rangers passing slow and at times erratic the outcome of conceding a goal was almost inevitable.

jeff winter
There was a small amount of booing at half time but in the main the crowd stayed with the team especially as Rangers mounted a late fightback, created by the introduction of pace and width. Despite the politics the support of the club will never ever diminish, that's probably why everyone hates Rangers so much.

jeff winter
Just before the start no one could envisage the outcome of this game, night games are always special at Ibrox, a full house but it's a long way back to the glory nights of Europe, possibly one season longer than we anticipated.

jeff winter
Kicking off at Ibrox in the Championship for the last time!!! You have to believe, the first goal on Sunday will be vital. Unfortunately and unbelievably a half empty ground will witness the outcome. I just cannot get my head round the idiots that run football clubs and Scotland is a different class.

Bigotry is only half the story - the hatred, jealousy and bitterness is easily surpassed by gross stupidity. In the last few days two clubs have lost thousands of pounds in a League that has slipped so far down the football chain mainly because of a lack of income. Makes sense doesn't it.

I hope you've enjoyed some of my ramblings and adventures this season. It's been fantastic, a roller coaster of emotion, everything we love and hate about the beautiful game. Its been a shit week, but no one died, life goes on and we'll all be back for more in a few weeks. Have a great summer. UTB WATP.


Sunday off to Portugal, so hopefully in a bar in the sun to watch Rangers second leg against Motherwell. Then the summer, trips abroad, plenty of racing and a break from football.

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Have a good week.

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