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11th May 2015

jeff winter
Wearing the kit is one thing; I spent a few hours on Monday trying to teach Oliver to say "Up the Boro". We're getting there.

jeff winter
Thursday and set off to Scotland, breaking the long journey to Aberdeen with a stop off with friends. Good night then Friday back on the road. Couple of new bookings via agent then the news that next Friday's event may not go ahead. Normally that would be disappointing but it means I will be able to go to the second leg against Brentford! Get in there!

Working with Ray Parlour on the night for a football team with a packed audience. Got Sky Go on the phone so able to watch entire game. Whilst we were eating the occasional roar from myself left many looking bemused. By the time I got on Boro had won and I was bouncing. Great night and raised them a fortune. Don't think they expected their guest speaker to sing "Mighty Boro" though!!

As I watched on the phone, Ray Parlour was on his phone on the Bet 365 site; he'd backed less than 2.5 goals. Problem was that the feed on Sky Go is 40 seconds behind real time so Ray is telling me what's happening via his live feed. "There's a corner", he shouted, followed by "Shit". Assumed a goal, but which end?

Seconds later we score a second and I'm on the ceiling. By the time I got on my feet I'm bouncing, I think it showed in my speech and the following auction saw me on fire. Good night, to put it mildly!!

jeff winter
Saturday and after driving down from Aberdeen arrived in Dumfries for the third time this season. The last two visits had seen Rangers thumped, despite that as per usual the away end was packed to bursting. The first of hopefully SIX games back to the promised land.

jeff winter
Here we go again - hopefully the Doonhammers won't run Rangers ragged on the plastic pitch.

jeff winter
Full time and like Boro Rangers have won the first leg play off game by 2 goals to 1. Good night on the punting front as well, three goals in the game and a late goal coupled with my mate's horse winning at 16/1!! Perfect end to a perfect weekend - let's hope the good run continues on the pitch and at the racetrack.


Back home after a long weekend in Scotland, Tuesday and whilst it's a child minding day I think it's about time Oliver went to his first race meeting. So he's accompanying me to Beverley races to watch Lady Ibrox in action. Thursday night speaking in Belper then Friday night the Riverside for Boro's second leg play-off Semi-final against Brentford. Sunday and up to Ibrox to watch Rangers hopefully make similar progress in the elongated play off process in Scotland.

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Just a thought, nowadays many smaller organisations have stopped doing Sportmanís evenings mainly due to the economic recession and the increasing costs. If your club doesnít have the numbers to support the traditional speakers evening then why not book me for a one man show, I regularly do these, my normal After Dinner slot followed by a Q & A session and fundraising activities. I can assure you there is more than enough content to fill the night.

Have a good week.

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