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3rd February 2015

Tuesday and not an early start as Oliver at nursery, so picked him up at lunchtime. After those responsibilities were over the long wait for the FA Cup draw. Boro could have drawn, on paper, a relatively winnable game and a passage into the quarter finals but instead we get Arsenal away!!

Birmingham City rearranged for the midweek before. Plenty of midweek games on the horizon which suits me fine. Another couple of speaking bookings accepted.

Thursday night up to Sunderland Empire to see Dirty Dancing the musical. Early morning news that the A66 is closed both ways; worrying thinking ahead to getting to Hampden Park on Sunday!!

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The start of my planned monster weekend started on Thursday evening with a trip to Sunderland to watch Dirty Dancing. Our pre show family meal included me on the internet grabbing the best early prices for Lady Ibrox at Wolverhampton on Friday evening, fortunately got in at 16/1 and 14/1.

Hard work though, bookies incredible - they are reticent to accept bets that put them at risk of paying out anything over a grand. A case of spreading smaller bets over a few companies. Decent show with a fair amount of leg on show. Didn't you just love the 60s and 70s!!

jeff winter
Another routine game for Boro, clean sheet, victory and post match celebration with their loyal supporters. Long may it continue.

Friday and off to Wolverhampton via a meeting in Newark. Despite the usual Friday traffic problems arrived an hour plus before racing. Couple of winners in first five races, then the big one.

Lady Ibrox had been backed from 16/1 down to 7/1 but eased to 10/1. Her previous handicap mark before her breathing problems would have seen her winning this easily, five operations later though and this was her comeback with the doubt that the race might prove that the operations had not been successful.

Drawn seven out of eight she gated very quickly as normal and got across within the early stages to track the number one drawn horse. That horse dominated but we stayed in well just getting done on the line for second. Prize money just about covered costs, but place odds equated to a 2/1 winner, happy days and a good start to the weekend.

jeff winter
Grant Leadbitter is about to fire the ball into the Brentford goal from the penalty spot and in so doing win me my first goalscorer and anytime goalscorer bets!! Everyone's a winner!!!

Got to Brentford hotel by 10.00pm and met some Boro fans and enjoyed a couple of £5 pints and a bit of banter.

Woke Saturday to weather forecasts for getting home and more importantly getting to Glasgow on Sunday. Will worry about that later!!

Brentford was certainly a comedown from The Etihad but it showed the attributes of the current Boro squad. This was a thoroughly hard fought professional performance and a vital three points.

The short walk to the ground saw me pass two of the pubs that form the corners of the old ground that is shoe horned in behind the terraced houses. A tiny press room contained a unit that slowly warmed the Pukka Pies as opposed to the fare provided at Manchester City. The locals were just as obliging and friendly though.

jeff winter
Saturday lunchtime 250 miles away and 1,662 Boro supporters sell out the away end at Brentford for their televised game. Superb support.

The press seats were a challenge though and the necessity of keeping blood flowing to my legs saw me relinquish my allocated seat and grab a spare one amongst the home supporters. Not before first advising members of Boro's press team that my punt for the day, apart from a Boro victory, was for a Grant Leadbitter goal!!

Whining cockneys don't make the best company, but in the main they were okay, apart from one wanker who shouted "Die" when a Boro player was injured. Really!! I decided that watching the game was marginally the right option rather than shutting his stupid mouth for him!!

Hung on for the points, then got a flyer. On the road within twenty minutes of the final whistle, back home on Teesside by 6.45, another result!! The journey was helped by a race course commentary and a bit of eavesdropping by my mate Paul the previous evening. He had overheard a trainer saying to an apprentice jockey that his ride on Saturday was his best option of the weekend. We got on @ 4/1 but it drifted to 8/1 but duly obliged. The end of a very, very profitable punting week.

jeff winter
Debut time for Boro's new third strip at Brentford.

jeff winter
View from the press box at Griffin Park, Brentford on Saturday lunchtime as Brentford and Boro players take to the field of play. Come on Boro!

Half of MOTD as another very early start on Sunday. Pick ups at the Coronation and offski by 7.15am, Kenny, Simon, Rod and then Cameron in Durham. Rod's first journey with us and an introduction to Kenny's arse. I don't know what he had been eating but for the next twelve hours we had to enjoy the smell of pure shite!! My electronic windows were up and down like a whore's draws. The Icy air a much better proposition than baulking inside what was rapidly smelling more like a public shit house than a car.

Many tales to while away the miles but an absolute classic from Cameron in the back. Don't ask me how we got into the subject but he was confused that a body dug up in Leicestershire was supposedly that of King Richard the Third, or in light of Kenny's arse antics more likely the 'Turd'.

Cameron stated that he didn't know why they thought it was him because DNA hadn't been invented then. WHAT??? Incredible, just see what too much alcohol can do to the brain of an already unintelligent man.

jeff winter
I think if the owners ever decide to sell their house they may have to fess up to the fact that there is a football ground in the vicinity!!

Parked up handy to Hampden before 11.00am and after picking tickets up headed for the Florida Park bar and the fight at the bar to get a pre match swallee, as Cameron calls it. As if a dozen bottles in the car wasn't enough.

The match!!! Not an unexpected outcome, too much respect shown early on and the game lost within twenty minutes. My three match goals or more bet looked a certainty!! More competitive after the break but not enough.

Celtic worthy winners but by no means a good side but they didn't need to be. Great to have the buzz of an OF game back though. Rangers support is amazing and deserving of so much more both in the board room and on the pitch.

jeff winter
They must have known about Boro supporters as the pubs on the corner of Griffin Park were open at 9.00am on Saturday morning.

Back into the fart filled car and home to end a thirteen hour day out, a 950 mile weekend drive, two matches and a race meeting. Effing brilliant!!!


In the hands of the weather again, especially with regard to racing. Tuesday I want to go to Sedgefield but we will see. Friday night I'm working at a dinner in a Golf Club near Manchester, then back home on Saturday for Boro v Charlton. Sunday, possibly Southwell Races or Ibrox for Rangers v Raith Rovers.

jeff winter
Friday night and a brilliant return to racing at Wolverhampton for Lady Ibrox, touched off into third in her first race after her operations. Hopefully plenty to look forward to.

Are you planning a Speakers Evening or fundraiser? You can be assured that as well as speaking I will give maximum help to fundraising on the evening with my auctioneering skills, contact me regarding availability on

Just a thought, nowadays many smaller organisations have stopped doing Sportmanís evenings mainly due to the economic recession and the increasing costs. If your club doesnít have the numbers to support the traditional speakers evening then why not book me for a one man show, I regularly do these, my normal After Dinner slot followed by a Q & A session and fundraising activities. I can assure you there is more than enough content to fill the night.

Have a good week.

jeff winter
Cameron, enjoying pre match refreshments whilst unsure of his DNA!!!

jeff winter
Teesside Loyal on tour!!

jeff winter
Its been three years, they tired to finish us off and failed, we'll never die and are back, not ready to compete yet, but watch your backs.

jeff winter
Hampden Park on Sunday lunchtime, the ticket to the most passionate derby in football!

jeff winter
Ready for battle. Rangers face them for the first time in three years. Rangers didn't die, but Scottish football did!!!

jeff winter
Oh how witty, fair play though, no spelling mistakes. Just think with the odd alteration they can show this banner again in November and join the rest of GREAT BRITAIN in showing respect to those that gave their lives that allows everyone freedom of speech.

jeff winter
Its all over till the next time, handshakes on the pitch, none off it!! I'd always thought that despite lacking a university education I was intelligent enough anyway. However the statement after the game using the word "minority" proved that I'm not as clever as I thought. Either that or my ears deceived me!! WATP.

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