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30th October 2014

Not a good start to the week; text at 6.30am to say that Oliver has been up all night throwing so his parents are staying off and my services won't be required. Poor little man.

Then I read of the sad loss as Kai Naismith's girlfriend who has passed away aged only 22. I don't know the details and it doesn't matter that he's a Rangers man, the loss of life is such a terrible waste especially at such a young age.

Next a tweet from a Celtic fan complimenting me on my performance at Sunday's Help For Heroes event. Nice and appreciated.

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Booked hotel for Tuesday night's stopover after Wolves v Boro. Also penned a very hard hitting article for next week's Gazette following another weekend of diving, lying, cheating and dishonesty that is otherwise known as the Premier League.

Well all good things come to an end and that was the case at a Baltic Molineux. While Rangers were easing their way into the cup semi-finals in Leven Boro got exactly what they deserved in the Midlands.

Wolves weren't world beaters but they had too much pace and power for an out of touch Boro. We had our chances especially just after going behind but overall Wolves were worthy winners.

Good trip though - we stayed over so post match had a few pints instead of the journey home. That would have to wait till Wednesday morning. Homeward still third three points off the top and very much in the mix.

jeff winter
When you're little, your Mam used to sew little labels on your clothes so that you didn't lose them. In Fife mothers were so much cleverer. Knowing that her little boy was the sort that would lose his head easily she went to more extreme measures to help him!!

Dropped the car off in Whitby for servicing and fitting winter tyres then home for Liverpool v Real Madrid. Super duper Premier League well exposed, the Spaniards winning without getting into second gear!! Balotelli is a joke, a problem on the pitch and you would assume even more aggro off it.

Thursday and Oliver with the pleasures of him still being a little off colour. That meant a nappy change that involved him needing a bath and me not being far short of one myself. Unbelievable how such a sweet little man can smell so bad!!

Darlington Civic on the night for an amateur production of Sister Act, superb show. Also tried out the Purple Pig in Yarm for scran, different!! Sign of me getting old though, couldn't see what I was eating as the lighting is so low.

jeff winter
Sickening. Steve Simonson receives treatment to what looked a serious injury. Hope the big man is okay.

A couple of bookings confirmed for the early part of next year and as I'm earning another holiday booked to ensure I'm also spending it.

No news on the Dumbarton ticket front so it's going to be The Riverside for me on Saturday. First of all a Friday trip to Preston via Whitby to pick the car up. The gig at the Masonic halls in Leyland raising monies for local charities. Working with Zac Stevens along with usual stint at auctioneering etc. Home Saturday for the game and then straight to Hartlepool for some different entertainment.

The Krays would have been 81 today and probably still Lords of the Manor and old school terrace chanted criminal Harry Roberts is to be let out of jail. Cue Ched Evans style public condemnation. We really are a bitter vindictive nation when it suits!! Other vile perverts are allowed to live their lives free of punishment though, aren't they? Hey ho that's religion for you though!!

jeff winter
Half time at Ibrox on Tuesday and more action in the toilets than on the pitch!!

Totally different subject but does anyone else agree that the contestants on The Apprentice are the worst ever!!

Friday night's event was fairly typical of recent times, not the biggest of audiences but thanks to the generosity of those attending the auction raised enough funds to put a smile on the faces of the beneficiaries on this occasion, the North West Great Air Ambulance and St Catherines Hospice.

On the way home on Saturday morning received a text asking me if I wanted a ticket in home side of the stand at Dumbarton. Too late unfortunately. I also turned down the offer of hospitality at The Riverside. Plans already made, the match then off to Hartlepool for fight night.

jeff winter
Tuesday night and those that put the football above the politics are ready to support Rangers against St Johnstone in the League Cup.

Rangers won comfortably at Dumbarton, the same was never going to be said at The Riverside. In the first half Boro played perhaps their best 45 minutes at home this season, good stuff without the ability to finish off their many chances.

In the second half a great move ended up with Kike giving us the lead, that woke up Watford and as soon as Deeney came on they looked dangerous.

The eventual equaliser set up a great finish, a late Boro goal would have won my three bets but it was not to be. Draw a fair result.

Straight off to Hartlepool for a bout of kick boxing and MMA. Very enjoyable evening, there are some seriously hard men out there. Thankfully an old man like me has some influential younger friends to look after me!!

jeff winter
Off the field mayhem, empty seats but on the pitch Rangers take the scalp of another SPL team!

Back home to watch Sky Plussed El Classico, another reminder of what shite we are watching each week. Good reffing performance as well from the youngest ref in La Liga.

Saturday afternoon I had been sweating on a late goal in the Boro game which never came up. Sunday was much better with RVP's late goal in the United v Chelsea game boosting my stake money for Monday's racing and football.

Before that though a trip to Middlesbrough Town Hall with youngest son to see UB40. Absolutely brilliant they did two hours, some new and all the classics. White man's reggae, hall packed, good fight between a gang of lasses as the alcohol kicked in. It is Middlebrough you know!!

jeff winter
Boro v Wolves Championship clash at Molineux.

Monday and Oliver for the day as news breaks that Mike Ashley appears to have gotten his feet firmly under the Ibrox table. Fuck the politics I'm only interested in the football.

Tuesday and up to Glasgow for what really matters, Rangers v St.Johnstone, a full car and no politically motivated dickheads onboard. Kenny, Simon and Cameron; promises to be good banter. The Monday night game was very low in quality which is a bitter way of telling you that my bets went down!!

jeff winter
As is often the case with children after a night of illness they soon come around, so by mid morning on Monday my son was sending me photos of Oliver looking much brighter.

Really looking forward to the game and a respite from the off field chaos that continues to dominate the news. Living away from Glasgow I must admit it is sometimes good not to hear and read all the politics and in fighting. Personally I don't know who to trust anymore.

The financial stability of the club is of paramount importance but for the fans supporting the team has to be the only real thing. I hear that another small crowd is expected at Ibrox and that saddens and disappoints me. Whatever happened to the "We'll support them from the pavements" mentality?

Speaking to my mates up there they are hurting badly. They must be to stop going to games. Its cutting off your nose to spite your face in my opinion but for many enough is enough. The suits continue to feed off the carcass of what was and still should be a magnificent football club.

jeff winter
Tasty; the Altanta cheer leaders over here for the NFL game add a bit of warmth to a chilly Tuesday night. #organstops!!

At least the car was full of like minded souls who just love the games and aren't interested or fully aware of the madness that is the boardroom. Ashley is a very astute businessman, Newcastle haven't won a trophy for 45 years, the fans hate him and he doesn't give a flying fuck, they are financially stable and have 50,000 every home game. That is admirable loyalty to their team, something that it appears Rangers fans aren't prepared to offer until there is change.

Will there ever be an end to this madness? I hope so because it's killing the fans.

jeff winter
Tuesday and at Molineux for Boro's match against Wolves. Baltic!

We had a great journey as we headed through the bad weather that was moving south. Kenny was on something, orgasmic delight over photos he'd taken, they were good but no way would we admit that.

The madness continued as we approached Glasgow and saw the fire that was engulfing a building by the motorway. Now let's remember there were three grown men and a twentyish lad in the car but instinctively we decided to change the words of London's burning into Glasgow's burning and Kenny and I tried to educate the others into singing it in "rounds" as done in the classroom half a century ago. We weren't even drunk either!! In fact the newly sensible Cameron had only had one bottle of Peroni!

jeff winter
Tuesday evening and arriving at Molineux for a game that could see Boro go top of the table!

Getting parked used to be difficult but not anymore; parked up outside Swallow and into Rolls Royce club, only about thirty people in which was a decent barometer for the size of the crowd. Good banter in there with other travelling fans from the Boro, North Yorkshire and Annan along with some local lovelies!! Pinched Kenny's camera and took a sackful of shite photos to add to his quality ones.

jeff winter
Saturday evening at the Hartlepool Borough Hall watching some seriously hard men kick and punch three shades of shite out of each other!

Leven Lads arrived fuming at present situation and we headed for Broomloan Lower. It was heartbreaking to see the numbers inside, only a year ago we were taking the piss out of a certain other club and their thousands of empty seats. For totally different reasons it's even worse at our own ground now.

It's so frustrating as on the pitch, despite what some might think, its going well. Another SPL team completely outclassed. Thank fuck for the late goal, another 30 minutes delay in a setting off was not desirable. As it happened it didn't help as the M74 being closed and also the A1 near Newcastle meant that I eventually got into the house at 1.45am.

So what - we had a great day out, Rangers won so all the others problems were out of our minds. Only bad thing is that I'm in Lanzarote when the semis are due so I'll miss out. Hopefully by then stability will have returned to the boardroom. I'm not holding my breath though!!

jeff winter
Let's get this right, you're second top of the league playing away to the team in third place and you can go top of the table with a victory and this is how many fans Watford take away. Fucking pathetic!!!


Saturday off to Rotherham to watch the Boro!!

Are you planning a Speakers Evening or fundraiser? You can be assured that as well as speaking I will give maximum help to fundraising on the evening with my auctioneering skills, contact me regarding availability on

jeff winter
Boro's Red Faction out in force for the visit of Watford.

Just a thought, nowadays many smaller organisations have stopped doing Sportman's evenings mainly due to the economic recession and the increasing costs. If your club doesn't have the numbers to support the traditional speakers evening then why not book me for a one man show, I regularly do these, my normal After Dinner slot followed by a Q & A session and fundraising activities. I can assure you there is more than enough content to fill the night.

jeff winter
Lying on top of females is more my thing but I wouldn't tell these pugilists to their faces that what they are doing is wrong. Really fit hard men and great entertainment.

My charity account for MND is still open and taking donations to try and raise funds for the society that works so hard to help people suffering from the disease and I am still hoping people will contribute. Please help me help them.

Have a good week.

jeff winter
Boro players celebrate after Kike opens the scoring at the Riverside on Saturday afternoon against Watford.

jeff winter
A selfie with my son Mark at the UB40 concert on Sunday evening.

jeff winter
"Open those legs please, I'm coming for you". Glad I was in the safety of the upper circle!!

jeff winter
"Wise men say"... even the Sunderland anthem went down well in the Boro with UB40.

jeff winter
Classic 'Red Red Wine' with UB40 at the Middlesbrough Town Hall on Sunday evening.

jeff winter
Monday afternoon and Oliver looks like sharing Grandpa's love of horses.

jeff winter
With over three hours to kill travelling north, its surprising what you talk about to fill in the hours. Kenny is the source of many diverse topics including his orgasmic reaction to the view of the sun rising over Hartlepool Docks at 6.20am as he put in a very short shift on Tuesday morning to finance the trip to Ibrox!! David Fucking Bailey!!

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