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30th September 2014

Wednesday was used to recover both physically and mentally from the night at Anfield then Thursday looking after the little fellah which featured a visit to the baths. He's getting more confident in the water now.

Friday and off to the Smoke, Friday night and went to pub with daughter and partner. The 5 pint is with us!! How do people afford to live in London?

Saturday morning and off to Charlton via London Bridge and a meet in the Wheatsheaf for another tenner to bite the dust as I got myself and my website Guru Steve a drink.

Got to the ground and did my mountaineering to get to top tier of main stand and the press seats. Boro fans were again out in force although I reckon probably half of the 2,000 plus following were southern based.

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It was soon evident why Charlton are unbeaten. They set themselves up, even at home, just not to lose rather than win. We weren't firing on all cylinders after the Anfield epic but still looked capable of winning.

The second half saw us run out of steam, down to ten men and hanging on in last ten minutes. The draw was a fair result but it was two points lost against our recent capabilities and performances.

The train journey was interesting, full of Boro fans but the first stop saw a troupe of Morris Dancers get on board. You couldn't make it up!! Apart from their bizarre choice of pastime they were also rather odd folk to boot. Nice, awfully nice and oblivious to the fact that everyone else on the train thought that they were complete wankers.

In the Boro they would have been slaughtered but this is London where normality just isn't normal. Another twenty bites the dust as Steve and I watch the arse end of the north London derby on TV in the Abbey Tavern in Kentish Town Road then after hitting the local Tesco for a cheaper form of alcohol returned to my daughters where Dan cooked for us. Then we had a very late one, which ended up with Steve kipping on the couch after entertaining us with a string of tales, including his service days in Northern Ireland.

jeff winter
The hottest ticket in town; the Methil & Buckhaven supporters bus are soon to celebrate their 40th anniversary. 5.00pm for 5.30pm start, its going to be very MESSY!!!

Sunday and I was awoken by the sound of a warthog that had broken into the house, oops, it was only Steve. What a fucking noise!!!

Sunday, had to sober up so that I could drive home.

jeff winter
Not really the half time score that we envisaged at Ibrox on Monday night.

I received this link last week from a good soul who has been putting the effort in for a very good cause. Please help him if you can.

Wonder if anything happened in the capital as the Frontline were out in force and with Leeds also in town perhaps a few pleasantries were exchanged!!!

jeff winter
As Rangers prepare to kick off against Hibs on Monday evening the non-attractive odds of 4/9 for a home victory looked far too short for me; sadly I was to be proved correct.

An Indian summer in London and we enjoyed a stroll round Camden Lock and up to Primrose Hill before I set off to drive home. Would have stayed till Monday but didn't fancy 250 miles to pick the lads up then 400 miles round trip to Ibrox in one day. Even by my suicidal standards that would have been too much!!

Sunday and Oliver's second birthday and I'm 250 miles away. Best place actually as the vicious, bitter, twisted other grandma will be lauding it in on her twice yearly interest in her 'family'!!! You can choose your friends!!!!

jeff winter
For the benefit of television Rangers home game with Hibs is moved to a Monday night. At least that meant once again I could watch both Boro and Rangers on the same weekend.

Monday and a full car for Ibrox, three complete rockets for company as well. If only Kenny hadn't have been in Cyprus it would have been a lunatics day out. Geoff back on the scene after a difficult year with work, Daft Garry, named so for fairly obvious reasons and Mad Cameron. The IQ level of the car barely reaching double figures!!

jeff winter
Yet another brilliant away day turn out with Boro fans again out in force at the Valley on Saturday.

You when a day starts badly and in the back of your mind you think that it's going to be one of those days... woke up to no power in the house, we've had a spell of power cuts lately so at first I didn't think too much about it, but I soon realised it was only our house and after a little bit of investigation realised that our fridge freezer was fucked.

Transferring food into the garage freezer wasted time I could ill afford but hey ho, no one had died so off to the match I'd go. As previously indicated a full car and the potential of good banter, so important when stuck with the same people for the next twelve hours.

jeff winter
Sunday morning and whilst I was in London Oliver was enjoying one of his birthday presents.

It costs 60 in fuel to get to Ibrox and back so the more the merrier as it keeps costs down. We had experienced one problem this season with one passenger who made us realise that paying extra is sometimes not a bad thing.

Freedom of speech is a wonderful thing but when you soon realise that when three in the car have no interest or agreement with the views of another then there's a problem. That was most certainly the case as one was in total dissent of the majority views on each and every subject that cropped up. Independence for Scotland set the tone and it got worse.

jeff winter
What a sight on a Sunday morning. The noises suggested a warthog, the physical evidence though was that it was my good friend and website manager Steve sleeping off the previous night's excesses on my daughter's sofa.

The mood worsened when we got to Glasgow and the ticket price came as a shock. Fuck me, live on TV Monday night and we were all paying top dollar including additional handling fees. That really didn't suit the dissenter in the car who wouldn't spend Christmas.

Finding out that they call last orders in the Ibrox Bar 45 minutes before kick off took the dissatisfaction to a new level. Then we had the match, decent early start and Rangers looked the more likely, then unbelievable defending leaving Peralta back to mark alone striker as Rangers took a corner left us cruelly exposed and it was 1-0. Worse was to follow, but what can you expect with Moshni in the side.

jeff winter
How they lined up at the Valley on Saturday afternoon.

I have been a staunch Ally supporter but patience is starting to wear thin as he continues to play that clown. Surely Rangers have got better central defenders and if not then our rise back to the top is going to take longer than expected. Boydy isn't getting the chances despite putting in a better than average shift with more mobility than usual but with our style of play it just isn't working.

3-0 at half time was met with understandable jeers. However Rangers fans being what we are, come the start of the second half everyone was behind the team and they started well, goal scored and the great comeback was on. That soon petered out as Hibs delayed and spoiled and I was amazed that only three minutes were added on. Having said that we might have stayed there all night and not scored again.

jeff winter
Into the Valley. Saturday in South London and Boro's weary troops prepare to battle for League points at unbeaten Charlton.

It's not the end of the world but significant changes are needed on the pitch and unfortunately maybe off it!!

So just the matter of a 200 mile journey home. Cameron was his usual quiet self after defeat, the same sadly was not the same with Geoff who let us have his extreme views on all and sundry. Didn't need it or want it but we got it.

A bad end to a bad day; that's life. Tomorrow's another day!!!

jeff winter
Yet again Boro players show their appreciation for the brilliant away support following a hard fought point at Charlton.


Hopefully a perfect Tuesday, Sedgefield races on the afternoon Boro v Blackpool on the night.

Busy weekend with a Dinner in York on Friday, Boro v Fulham Saturday with an early departure so that I can get across to Warrington for another gig on the night.

jeff winter
Ed's note: This is the view I got on Saturday. In with the real 'pie and bovril' Boro support. Not a prawn sandwich anywhere to be seen. Steve

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Have a good week.

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