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14th April 2014

Monday and the disappointment hadn't subsided after Rangers' no show at Easter Road in the Ramsdens Cup Final but life goes on and it was my only Oliver day of the week as half term provided other alternative child care cover.

Made the most of it to get away from football. Did tune in on the night to watch the Mackems capitulation at White Hart Lane. Definitely got a good atmosphere to look forward to at the Riverside next season with a Tees/Wear derby and heavy handed Northumberland policing at the return fixture at the SOL.

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Tuesday and the not very eagerly awaited end of season game at the Riverside with Birmingham City the visitors. Quelle surprise, turned out to be a cracker.

City are shite at St Andrews but away from home give it a real go. They were the better side and spurned a couple of good chances before we hit them with a quick one/two including a cracker from Butterfield.

His effort was bettered though by an absolute worldie from Uwes who sent a forty yarder flying past Dimi. You wouldn't have foreseen the climax though as Boro, reduced to nine men, held on and even had the audacity to go up the field and get a third goal.

Best entertainment of the season, pity it's too little too late, but hope springs eternal for next season!!

jeff winter
For the Queen, the Crown and the club!!!

Wednesday and the plan had been to go to Catterick Races, the card just didn't inspire me though. Instead it was an accounts day, nipping to my accountants and sorting Isa's and the like out. This administration was sandwiched in between two nights of European football.

Whilst I had been watching the Boro on Tuesday, Chelsea had been progressing and didn't the "Arrogant One" let everyone know how important he is. I wonder if his players are capable of wiping their own arses without his guidance?

Adrian Durham summed him up perfectly, good manager, very successful but his dark side makes him very easy to dislike.

Wednesday and Manchester United's turn. They gave it ago and at times made Bayern look nowhere near as good as they are made out to be, but in the end their dodgy defence was breached and they are out of the Champions League. The question is when will they get back into it?

jeff winter
Blue Sea of Ibrox at a windswept Wetherby on Sunday afternoon.

Thursday and up and off to the stables, both horses due to run next week so a monthly look at the finances and planning for the owners badge requests. As we intend to run at Musselburgh on a Bank Holiday then demand will be high.

A beautiful morning as I crossed the North Yorkshire Moors to the stables. We went in the jeep to the gallops and rode at 35mph just behind the four horses that worked on the steep incline of the all weather gallops.

Blue Sea of Ibrox looks fit and ready for what will probably be her last run on Sunday before a break for the summer. Pity cos I wanted to watch Liverpool v Manchester City live on TV but our horse is going to have to come first. That's where we hope she finishes as well.

jeff winter
Cameron as we love him best, gob shut, fast asleep!!!

It's hard to imagine that the animals train at this speed. Lady Ibrox actually accelerates to over 40mph at the business end of her five furlong races. Who would be a jockey perched on top with no protection. To think they would have to ride in 2,000 races to earn what Rooney and co earn in ONE week!!!

Popped in to see my God-daughter on the way home and stocking up in the farm shop near Helmsley. Best sausages I've ever tasted and gammon steaks that taste so much better then their barely comparable alternatives that you get in Tesco.

jeff winter
Another Rangers free kick, let Smith take it, please not another one pass, two pass, jig into the wall one!!!

Friday and picked my car up so back to driving a man size car rather than the tiny one I've had for the last two weeks. At least the passengers in the back will be able to stretch out on the way to Ibrox.

Picked up Simon and his very young cousin. He's been to Ibrox before but has he ever experienced anyone like Cameron? This could be very educational at best or very harmful at worst. Surely the presence of an eleven year old would calm the manic man down. Fat chance!!

I had visions of the youngster being given bottles of lager and some of his "special coke". Social services should be alerted and should the youngster go back to school and relate and copy what 'Uncle Cameron' had sang or said then an expulsion would be on the cards.

Firstly though Simon recalled his antics on the train coming home from Edinburgh last Sunday none of which registered with the Durham based lunatic!!

jeff winter
Even the colour at the other end was good, mind you where did Dundee United get all those supporters from? Pity they don't attend all their home games!!!

At least he didn't offer young Alex a beer, instead just setting about his own stock. Maybe the fumes would be enough to inebriate the youngster.

Simon produced something I've not seen in forty years, evidently Aldi still do crisps with the salt in little blue bags!! Cameron provided a CD for the tunes and I worried about Alex singing them at school, headmistress asking him to explain exactly what a "sheep shagging bastard" is??

Stopped at Gretna services and met up with the North Yorkshire bus. They were there first so with Neil aboard probably all food gone and lavatories blocked.

Parked up at Rolls Royce club and whilst there were spaces in the car park not so inside. Queues outside and more so for the bar. Managed to blag my way inside for the toilet then stayed in, chances the queue with the lovely Laura, kept her place while she had her lunch but hardly moved. Perhaps with the 2 per head that people were charged to get in they should have employed some more bar staff!!

Gave up the getting a drink task as a bad job, should have gone to the District to meet Scott or the WRC with Cameron. The day was not starting well.

Headed for the statue and saw Lee Rigby's family and friends as they added to the shrine. Reflections on how important football can be, but how strong the Rangers family is!!

jeff winter
All set to go, possibly the last meaningful game of the season.

Scott and Fife's finest arrive, my ticket is for the Copland lower and priced at only 15; it's dearer to watch Hartlepool!!

Dundee United have produced some fans, remarkably more than ever watch them at home!! Atmosphere is buzzing, colourful display pre-match and surely Rangers would rise to the occasion and restore some pride after last Sunday's debacle. They certainly did that though ultimately it was not enough.

They more than matched the Arabs but a combination of bad finishing and kamikaze defending saw the season effectively finished. Confirmation that Daly's Ibrox career is over and the show boat pony Moshni's should be over too. Obviously dependant on finances other changes need to be made too, although if this performance could be repeated regularly next term then another promotion should be attained.

Disappointed but not downhearted we got back to the car ready to set off. Cameron was going to have half an hour of silence and sulking which in itself isn't a bad thing. I just drove and listened to the matches unfold and monitored my bets' progress.

jeff winter
Lest we forget!!!

It was going to be another frustrating afternoon. Spurs miraculous fight back meant that Southampton's home defeat to Cardiff let me in for 400. Norwich not scoring at Fulham scuppered my both to score treble, but I had a double looking good on my result with both teams to score bet until Bury scored a last minute equaliser at Scunthorpe.

At least I had my horses to hope about and watch when I got home. Things looked promising as comedian Gary Marshall was desperately texting and ringing me. That, I surmised, was possibly good news about the 14/1 shot he'd told me to back at Thirsk. So much for enjoying the racing without knowing the results.

That was added to with a phone call from our trainer. I quickly informed him that I was going to watch the racing when I got home, he came up with a Likely Lads moment saying I wouldn't bother, a stable horse had finished last. Thanks mate. Listened to spawny Arsenal equalise but managed to get home not knowing the outcome of that game.

jeff winter
The teams are out and this is the Boro home end prior to Tuesday night's championship end against Birmingham City.

Nice night in with the missus, not!!! Cooked the tea and sat down to watch the racing. The 14/1 had obliged so stake money for Wetherby raised. I need my tickets for English Cup Final now as the trip to the San Giro is off. Arsenal get lucky so it looks like my match day support will be for Hull or the Blades!!

Magical Boro win though another defender sent off. That's nine fucking reds this season!! On a reffing front Bobby Madden had a very good game at Ibrox, letting the game flow. That's my educated opinion and not necessarily the popular one!!!

jeff winter
The countries second largest city but only just over 300 Blues fans made the journey to Teesside to watch Birmingham City on Tuesday night.

Sunday and instead of my planned afternoon in front of the TV watching the Liverpool v City title decider its Wetherby Races to watch Blue Sea of Ibrox. Tried to manage both by catching some of the game on the TV and nipping out to watch the racing.

Blue Sea of Ibrox ran a cracker and turning into the straight looked like a possible winner. In between the last two hurdles you couldn't see her outside the first three, but in a blanket finish she was beaten by a nose into fifth place, just outside the each way betting returns!!

Cracking run though and now a decision has to be made. Another run before the ground dries out too much and get a win out of her or put her out to grass for the summer. That will be something to decide tomorrow.

jeff winter
Full time on Tuesday night and Boro's eight remaining outfield players celebrate a memorable victory over Birmingham City.

Are you planning a Speakers Evening or fundraiser? You can be assured that as well as speaking I will give maximum help to fundraising on the evening with my auctioneering skills, contact me regarding availability on

Just a thought, nowadays many smaller organisations have stopped doing Sportman's evenings mainly due to the economic recession and the increasing costs. If your club doesn't have the numbers to support the traditional speakers evening then why not book me for a one man show, I regularly do these, my normal After Dinner slot followed by a Q & A session and fundraising activities. I can assure you there is more than enough content to fill the night.

jeff winter
Villains of the peace, Carl Boyeson leads off his team to a chorus of boos and abuse after sending off two Boro players at the Riverside after their Championship clash against Birmingham City.

Motor Neurone Disease is a debilitating illness that took the life of former Boro hero Willie Maddren and recently former Rangers star Fernando Ricksen has been diagnosed with the same disease.

When I was refereeing I was well known for sporting a goatee beard. I brought it back during the month of November to try and raise funds for the society that works so hard to help people suffering from the disease. Please help me help them.

jeff winter
Thursday morning and Blue Sea of Ibrox has just finished an excellent piece of work on the gallops at Malton.


Busy, busy, busy. Monday night Sunderland Empire to see Happy Days, the musical, Tuesday looking after Oliver so no trip to Ibrox.

Wednesday off to Goodison park to do the corporate hospitality before Everton's game with Palace. Thursday speaking in Preston, Friday, my birthday, up to Musselburgh to watch Lady Ibrox, the night in Buckhaven at a casino night to raise monies for the bus.

Saturday Stenhousemuir to watch the Rangers then out in Leven. Sunday if I'm still alive back home to have Oliver overnight!! It's all go!!!

Have a good week.

jeff winter
Outside Ibrox on Saturday, a fitting tribute to one of our lost brothers, lost but never forgotten.

jeff winter
The Billy Boys banner at Ibrox on Saturday.

jeff winter
Red White and Blue at Ibrox for the Scottish FA Cup semi-final.

jeff winter
What is it about the Leven Lads looking like twats after being on the sauce? This time it's Pele's turn, curly wig and glasses don't fool me!

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