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31st March 2014

Sunday and as my daughter was home from London I had to forgo the trip to Brechin to watch the Rangers. Watched the game on TV though and whilst we conceded our first goal away from home since the last trip to The Glebe way back in October it was still another victory.

Moshni still continues to play the fool with the fans. I only hope he's concentrating on his game in the forthcoming cup ties.

After a day out that included meeting up with Oliver and dinner in a pub near Sedgefield race course I dropped her at Darlington railway station then back home to watch El Classico. The match had everything, firstly it confirmed to me that with both Boro and Rangers I have been watching shite this season.

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What we see week in week out is a million miles away from the type and quality of football endure. Mind you it's not all pleasant as you have the by product of Spanish football that includes diving, feigning injury mass confrontation and the like. The ref had a good game, okay he got the Ronaldo penalty wrong as the offence was inches outside the penalty area. That apart though I couldn't fault him.

The day had started with me doing a piece on talkSPORT, I bet that had the switchboards at talkSPORT Towers buzzing with irate Timothies!!

Monday and with my son off work this week I got a lie in. The BT man arrived and finally, hold your breath, he stated that the problem in the local telecom box had been sorted and that I shouldn't have any more aggro. Sadly that means no more undecipherable phone calls with the call centre in Delhi.

Off to Sunderland on the night to see 'Let It Be', the Beatles show which was more of a tribute band than a musical. Still, it made a change and also reminded you just of how many top hits the Fab Four actually had.

jeff winter
Friday afternoon at Lingfield Park and Lady Ibrox is ready to make her seasonal reappearance.

Tuesday and after a trip to the garage to arrange for my car repairs Craig popped round with Oliver for lunch before I set off to Huddersfield to watch the Boro match. Arrived at the latest name for the ground, the John Smith's Stadium and polished off a meat and potato pie before heading upstairs to meet a pal of mine and was invited to meet his guests in his box.

"Join us for something to eat", they suggested and when the meat and potato pie came in along with chips and mushy peas, I initially declined but after a little persuasion relented. Is it any wonder I've put on weight.

I left them with my prediction of another 0-0 draw. Well I was right for ninety seconds, by half time three goals including a worldie from Nahki Wells and we were 2-1 down. Entertaining but mediocre at best, misplaced passes galore, hardly El Classico.

Half time and onto the pitch to do the half time draw; booed by the locals some of whom hadn't forgotten or forgiven me for not giving the Terriers a penalty against Wimbledon in the League Cup about twenty years ago!! Even some Boro fans booed me and my mates in the press box. What is it like to be loved?

jeff winter
106 Cheltenham Town fans made the journey from the Midlands for an enjoyable afternoon in the Baltic north east of England, British West Hartlepool!!

At least Boro fought back to get a point, scoring their first away goals since January in the process. Good banter post match when I fulfilled my usual role whenever I'm at the ground, being interviewed in the main hospitality lounge. I don't mind, they are a nice club and the chairman is a top guy.

Wednesday and took Oliver to the play centre in Darlington, then Thursday off to Stoke to speak at a fundraising event with a Rangers connection.

The night's event was part of the Stoke 300 miles in three days charity bike ride, raising funds for the respective football foundations at Stoke City and Rangers. JIM and his mates will have raised an amazing 50,000 in the last twelve months. This event held in the lounge at the Nuffield Health club opposite the Britannia Stadium was part of the fundraising.

I was thankful to get there after the area had been gridlocked following a lorry overturning in the M6. Very informal, no food, just myself followed by Comedian Mick Martin then I came back to do the raffle, auction and a lit bit of Q & A. Lovely people and delighted to help such a good cause.

jeff winter
Hartlepool face Cheltenham at Victoria Park on a very cold Saturday afternoon.

Are you planning a Speakers Evening or fundraiser? You can be assured that as well as speaking I will give maximum help to fundraising on the evening with my auctioneering skills, contact me regarding availability on

Just a thought, nowadays many smaller organisations have stopped doing Sportman's evenings mainly due to the economic recession and the increasing costs. If your club doesn't have the numbers to support the traditional speakers evening then why not book me for a one man show, I regularly do these, my normal After Dinner slot followed by a Q & A session and fundraising activities. I can assure you there is more than enough content to fill the night.

jeff winter
Insurance and liability forms signed, thousands raised for Sara's Hope but Andy "Pico" and another 24 Boro lads are grounded as the fog descended.

Friday and up ready for 500 miles in a day, fortunately by car, down south for my first visit to Lingfield Park to watch Lady Ibrox's return to action. Very hopeful and the money was most certainly down on this one!! I'd taken 16/1, 14/1 and 12/1 as she was backed overnight.

A nice leisurely 200 mile drive from the Potteries to Lingfield Park with a stop at a service area that was like a shopping mall off the M40. 3 for a latte and sausage sarnie at Gregg's was going to turn out to be the best value of the day.

Parked up in southern sunshine and off to the bookies to suss out my bets before the big one. One winner and one forecast in first five races didn't auger well but two winners and one second gad raced in red, white and blue colours. An omen perhaps??

jeff winter
Just under 900 loyal Boro fans made the relatively short journey to Huddersfield on Tuesday night and outsung the home supporters all night.

Whilst racing I received an email from a non league club where I am contracted to speak at in the next few weeks. I had noticed a couple of "never defeated always cheated fc" followers from the town had followed me recently from the locality of the club. That started to make sense because these cowardly spineless bastards had been running to the club with "Please Sir" attempts to have the club cancel my booking.

It seems that something I was accused of over two years ago but never charged over is still upsetting some. Well it's up to the club if they decide they don't want me. I've got a contract and they will pay!! Hopefully they will have the good sense to ignore the pathetic spineless Doyles!!

Back to racing and I was nervous as anything, nowt to do with the money punted, if you can't afford to lose it then you shouldn't bet. It's a queer feeling, I am more nervous watching one of our horses than I ever was in front of 40,50,60,70 thousand people.

We didn't have a good draw but as usual pinged the Stalls and got ourselves into a good position entering the straight. The eventual winner rode, would you believe by a jockey called Kelly, must have thought it was a Rodeo stampede as it continued to interfere with us.

We stayed on though to finish beaten only two-and-a-half lengths in a close up fifth. Out of the money but importantly we know she is back and over last season's problems. Blue nose jockey Rab Havlin is confident she'll be winning soon.

So despite being only an hour from Brighton it was homeward bound. Instead of staying over to watch the Boro I had to get back due to commitments on Saturday. I wasn't banking on six-and-a-half hours to do the 288 mile journey, fucking M25!!

Up early on Saturday and up the coast to Shotton Colliery to watch my pal Pico and 24 of his mates do a charity parachute jump. Crazy bastards!! I left Teesside in sunshine but twenty miles north the fog and sea mist had descended and unfortunately the jump had to be cancelled.

jeff winter
Saturday morning and Shotton Colliery airfield; I'm afraid no one is parachuting today!

Back home to the warmth and sun before heading back north to Hartlepool. Unbelievable - it was Baltic, four layers and still freezing. On the way to the game the chairman of Annan Athletic rang me up to discuss speaking at their club. Followers of Septik need not waste their time ringing the club cos they are Blue Noses and like me don't give a flying fuck what the giro buoys think.

Come to think if it they should come to one of my gigs, they could watch me make thousands for good causes and earn more in a night than their benefits make them in a month.

I bet it would be just as cold had I have been to head north to Annan though a lot warmer down on the south coast. The Pools game, despite being goalless at half time was entertaining with both sides playing good football. Boro were back to normal after the Tuesday goal fest at Huddersfield and big Jon Daly had put Rangers in front against the Smokies.

Bet the Leven lads would be enjoying marching through Scarborough, unfortunately it wasn't possible for them to come to the Boro on the night for Kenny's ruby wedding bash. I'd got him and Val a lovely present, a Ramsdens Cup Final ticket. A present in itself for Val cos Kenny would be away for the day!!

jeff winter
Tuesday night and Huddersfield Town and Boro come out to contest a middle of the table game in the Championship.

Missed chances in the second half cost Pools dearly and the only saving grace about Cheltenham's late winner was that it came after the 71st minute and secured me a winning bet. Elsewhere Rangers scraped another victory whilst unbelievably Boro won away on the sunny South coast. I went home to thaw out and watch the racing that I had recorded. A case of seconditus but a10/1 winner helped.

Off to Kenny's bash at a local rugby club. At times I think its good to experience other families as it makes you think that perhaps your own is not as bad as you thought. Kenny was unusually polite, charming characteristics I had not experienced in the 40 plus years that I had known him. He comes from a very large family and a sitcom about them would be compulsive viewing.

My highlight of the evening was when an old lady asked me if I was Kenny's brother then declared that she was his sister!! Well unless we had slept head to toe you would have thought she'd have remembered her own brother!! I asked Kenny's son if the two ladies on another table were also his Dad's sisters. Don't know he replied, I've never met them. Like I said - strange family!!

jeff winter
A view from outside the futuristic John Smith's Stadium, the latest name for Huddersfield Town's ground that changes it's name more often than I change my underpants!

Motor Neurone Disease is a debilitating illness that took the life of former Boro hero Willie Maddren and recently former Rangers star Fernando Ricksen has been diagnosed with the same disease.

When I was refereeing I was well known for sporting a goatee beard. I brought it back during the month of November to try and raise funds for the society that works so hard to help people suffering from the disease. Please help me help them.


Monday and its show time. After looking after Oliver we're off to the theatre to see a musical. Tuesday another Oliver day then a quiet week until I head for Manchester on Friday for a speaking engagement. Saturday afternoon Boro v Derby then Sunday up to Easter Road for the Ramsden's Cup Final.

Have a good week.

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