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11th December 2014

Only managed to catch the brief highlights of Saturday's football but in Arsenal's defeat at Stoke referee Anthony Taylor overruled an assistant and chalked out a goal for offside. Correct, as he was best placed to judge that a Stoke player was in the goalkeeper's line of vision.

Man City won by a penalty and that was the correct decision, not so the failure to send off the player who went in with his studs into the back of an opponent.

Charlie Austin did see red though for a wayward arm that caught his marker in the head. Hull conceded a penalty and that was spot on. Pity WBA missed it!

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There was more to talk about in Sunday's games and I did watch them in their entirety. Very tough call for Chris Foy at West Ham v Swansea. He or his assistant couldn't possibly see the ball hit the arm of the Hammers forward, but the keeper had committed himself and took out his opponent.

Pundits say that he didn't score and that a defender would have got back. The litmus test for refs though is that had the foul not taken place then the forward did have a clear shot at goal possible, so the red card for the foul was correct. Obviously had the ref seen the handball and judged it deliberate then the keeper would probably have only got a yellow card.

More confusion at Villa Park as Leicester City's Konchesky saw red and Villa's Alan Hutton only received a yellow after both reacted badly after the Foxes player dived in late on Hutton. This is a perfect example of where we should hear from the match officials and learn why the respective punishments were meted out.

I personally am confused - if Hutton was cautioned for his aggressive reaction then it should have been the same for both players. The ref having taken advice form his assistant could have sent the Leicester player off for the tackle. Unfortunately we don't know.

One thing is certain in my opinion - Vardy should have walked for his nasty side on challenge that saw Westwood injured and having to leave the field.

Have a good week.

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