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11th November 2014

Driving home from the Riverside I listened to the early stages of the QPR v Manchester City game on talkSPORT. Loud and extreme ignorance from Stan Collymore as he lambasted the referee Mike Dean for chalking off a Charlie Austin "goal", declaring the ref's decision as totally wrong.

Actually it wasn't, but there is no way that the ref could have seen Joe Hart's double kick from his position 50 yards away. There had to have been involvement from his assistant referee via their headphones; no other explanation in my book, but even by MOTD time when the pundits and experts had no doubt been educated, they gave the credit to the referee when I think the plaudits should have been heading elsewhere.

Man City got lucky at the other end as well as Aguero looked to have used his arm to assist him in controlling the ball as he scored for the underperforming champions.

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Aston Villa's six match losing run came to an end at the Boleyn where they played out a stalemate with hosts West Ham. The Hammers could have won it though as they should have had a penalty when Sakho was felled in the penalty area.

Swansea's continued run of suffering from bad decisions continued against Arsenal but at least they fought back to win against the underperforming Londoners. The referee Phil Dowd had a clear view of Chambers' barge into the back of Wilfred Bony. A free kick anywhere on the pitch but Dowd's very demonstrative signal that it wasn't a penalty made the error of his decision all the more ridiculous.

The other North London club also suffered defeat at home to Stoke City and their frustration boiled over when Naughton was dismissed. Not entirely certain if it was for denial of an obvious goal scoring opportunity or for serious foul play because it was kick rather than a trip that halted the Potters player.

Sunderland v Everton and how Wickham wasn't sent off I'll never know. If that wasn't a denial of an obvious goal scoring opportunity I don't know what is.

The ref was also in the spotlight when Tim Howard fell on the ball making it unplayable just outside his penalty area. He was correct not to penalise him for handball because he cleverly avoided handling the ball.

Whilst it was one of those incidents that seem to happen at the Stadium Of Light, (remember the beach ball) unusual to put it mildly, the ref should have his wits about him to react in the correct manner.

Mason is one of the many number fillers that officiate on the Premier league, very experienced but not of the highest quality. A rabbit in the headlights and not able to have the bottle to make the big decisions.

Gomez was lucky to escape the most serious sanction when going over the ball earlier in the game, then he dived to try and win a free kick. Mason went to blow his whistle then seemed to realise it was Gomez and he should send him off. He then meekly awarded a free kick and took no further action. A very bad day at the office for the Bolton official.

Have a good week.

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