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6th October 2014

After a couple of recent uncharacteristic tepid derby matches on Merseyside and in North London the Chelsea v Arsenal game certainly had fire both on and off the pitch.

Arsene Wenger is well known for his selective eyesight, whinging and moody attitude but he's not exactly a renowned fighter so his touchline spat with the equally annoying Mourinho including a push on the Portuguese set up a feisty affair.

Callum Chambers's caution earned him a suspension for accumulated yellows. Who does he think he is - Daniel Ayala? In such frenetic games it calls for the ref to keep a cool head and not overreact but Martin Atkinson was particularly lenient with challenges from Cahill and Welbeck that were very close to being red cards.

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Also Koscielny perhaps should have been sent for denying an obvious goal scoring opportunity when conceding the penalty. What was disappointing throughout though was the repeated crowding of the referee by several players appealing for opponents to be cautioned or sent off.

I wish that refs would be stronger and card those that continue to try and get opponents into trouble.

A popular cry from the terraces is "You don't know what you're doing" aimed at the referee. It's nice therefore once in a while when the shoe is on the other foot.

In the West Ham v QPR game the Hoops had a free kick in their own penalty area and Robert Green's kick was intercepted by a Hammers forward who duly despatched the ball into the net. No Goal!!

The player was furious, the fans voiced their disapproval, cue the commentator and pundit to add clarity. No goal because the player wasn't ten yards away. Later on the former player stated that it was because the scorer wasn't outside the penalty area!

For everyone's benefit, a defensive free kick is like a goal kick, the ball is not in play until it is outside the penalty area. Give me strength!!

On MOTD Robbie Savage continues to gain cheap support by castigating referees but in so doing shows his total ignorance. He was correct that the penalty awarded to West Brom at Anfield was incorrect as the foul had occurred just outside the penalty area.

"Scandalous decision", spouted the hairdresser's dummy marking out ref Michael Oliver for his mistake but then he had a go at the assistant referee Darren Cann. Unfortunately Cann cannot see through a player's body from his position 40 yards away so was in no way culpable in the incident.

Have a good week.

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