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30th September 2014

Major talking points had to be at Old Trafford; bizarre post match comments from people in the game who really should know better.

Referee Lee Mason was spot on with his decision to send off the captain of England and Manchester United, Wayne Rooney. It was a professional foul but it was also a kick that was aimed at Stewart Downing's knee, which was most definitely serious foul play.

The ridiculous comments really came about the late disallowed goal for West Ham's Nolan. Incredibly both Nolan and Sam Alladyce were emphatic in saying assistant referee Andy Garrett had incorrectly signalled offside. Nolan even had to make derogatory remarks about the assistant's positioning and fitness. Apologies due, because he was spot on - Nolan was offside, no argument!! They might not like or agree with the laws but the lino was correct.

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A Merseyside derby that ended with all 22 players still on the pitch, a rarity and credit to Martin Atkinson, though somewhat strangely the game seemed to lack its usual bite and intensity.

Another major derby at the Emirates also ended all square without too many real talking points. Michael Oliver in charge here; as I have said previously when our top officials are in action they whilst not being perfect are usually very reliable and get the major decisions right.

I couldn't agree with his caution of Chadli though. Cupping his hand to his ear surely isn't excessive? Players get pelters from fans especially in derby matches and his reaction to the goal was natural and in no way caused any problems.

Obviously the ref was following instructions but if that's a yellow card then we're probably see a caution after every single goal. It makes referees look petty and does absolutely nothing to gain them respect or credibility.

I have reffed the North London derby twice and I can tell you the last thing you need are cheap cautions. All it would have taken was a mistimed challenge form the Spurs player after that and he would have been off. Ridiculous!!

Talking of daft, Swansea's Angel Rangel gets the award for idiot of the weekend, needlessly booked for throwing the ball away he then gave Chris Foy no option when he committed a second offence.

Monday night and another dismal night for the hapless Geordies - a 1-0 defeat at Stoke which could have been worse as the hosts were denied a clear penalty in the first half when Gouffran barged over a home forward getting nowhere near the ball.

Have a good week.

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