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26th August 2014

Thank goodness, a much quieter week on the refereeing front, but as will never be the case not perfect.

It's good though to see decisions upsetting Wenger, his scowling angry man face is a classic pose for everyone to behold, unless of course you're an Arsenal fan. His temper had good cause at Goodison though as Naismith's goal should have been ruled out for offside. Being an assistant referee is far from easy with the speed of movement that calls for split second decisions to be made but this one was relatively easy and should have been spotted.

In the bore draw at Villa Park, Newcastle's Mike Williamson could have no complaints at being sent off. The numbers of time saving already been cautioned that players make it easy for the referee to brandish a red card is amazing. At least his suspension means that we will all get to witness the amusing attempts of Steven Taylor to disguise handballs by rolling around clutching his balls, bonce or any other part of the body that wasn't anywhere near the ball!!

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In the Hull City v Stoke City game the hosts left themselves with a mountain to climb after James Chester was forced to take one for the team after a terrible back pass from Livermore and again referee Jon Moss was left with little alternative. Even the weekly complainer Steve Bruce had to accept that decision.

He was not so happy though when a throw in was given incorrectly against his side which led to his defence going to sleep as Stoke grabbed a late equaliser. To the cameras it was clearly a Hull City players but unfortunately the deflection off the Stoke player was on the blind side of the referee and his assistant.

They say that players gain reputations and that's clearly the case with Ashley Young a serial diver, perhaps his reputation went against him at the Stadium of Light. Even after watching the incident several times in slow motion it is difficult for a neutral to be 100% certain it was a dive.

Young probably saw the challenge coming and as much as going to ground tried to take evasive action, one thing was for certain though the Sunderland player was never going to get the ball and was always going to make contact with Young. Very, very difficult but on this occasion perhaps Young should have won a spot kick. What goes around comes around, some might say!

Monday night and no controversy as Manchester City eventually eased to a comfortable victory against Liverpool. The match was refereed by Michael Oliver who is destined to be our number one referee for many years to come. He had a very good game, using commonsense when substitute Can, having already been cautioned, farcically went to ground. Another day he might not be so lucky!

Have a good week.

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