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8th April 2014

No article last weekend because basically nothing happened; not a single controversial incident to report!!

The early game on Saturday soon put that right at the Etihad. With the game delicately balanced at 1-1 and the visitors Southampton looking the better side against title chasing Manchester City there was an obvious offside missed in the build up to City's second goal.

It wasn't even close, the assistant referee had either fallen asleep or at best lost concentration, the only possible excuse could have been that he was unsure who the ball had come off on its way forward. That though is not really an excuse, he could have flagged then via the walkie talkie system ascertained from the Ref who was well placed who had last played the ball. Certainly a major turning point in the game. It was refreshing to hear Vincent Company on MOTD suggest that his own teammate YaYa Toure's dive to try and win a penalty for his side was not good for the game.

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In the Chelsea v Stoke City game a very tight offside decision but Assistant Ron Ganfield was spot on, hope the guy at Man City was watching and learnt from that!!

In the Villa v Fulham game at Villa Park goal line technology was in action with a goal not awarded to Fulham when the ball was perhaps a couple of millimetres short of being totally over the goal line. The naked eye would have had little or no chance of being 100 % correct over that decision, without it savage and Co. would have been debating it all night!! Thank goodness the very belated introduction of the system is now fully operational.

Not for the first time in recent weeks Fellaini used his elbows rather than his feet, the Manchester United player was very fortunate not to see red for his deliberate assault on Dan Gosling at St James Park.

The media's favourite manager Harry Redknapp's record as a manager is again under scrutiny as their pre season favouritism for promotion has faltered and now they face the playoffs if they are going to return to the top flight. Their latest defeat at Bournemouth confirmed that Leicester City were promoted. Rangers were given a late chance when the home side were correctly reduced to ten men after a terrible challenge by Arter.

Sunday afternoon, no controversy at Goodison Park where perhaps the only surprise was that Arsenal only conceded three!! The second game saw much more to talk about, referee Anthony Taylor was not for the first time the centre of attention. He got the first penalty decision correct as Tomkins needlessly handled the ball for Liverpool's first goal from the resultant spot kick.

The total confusion, the ball ends up in the Liverpool net, but the assistant referee despite being 40 yards away clearly flags for an infringement. The Ref consults him and then over4ules him and gives the goal. Replays showed that Carroll had impeded the Liverpool keeper which resulted in him dropping the ball. We can only guess what conversation went on between the officials but the bottom line is that Ref Taylor got it wrong.

Liverpool's eventual winner was also shrouded in controversy and fuelled the fires that people suggest that Ref's even things up. From his position Taylor could not have been certain that the West Ham had fouled his opponent. I thought that he got the ball and it wasn't a penalty. Some could say that a goal a side should not have stood which would have meant a 1-0 victory for the League leaders rather than 2-1, but we all know that's not the point. Ref's have got to get the major decisions right, that's what we were told in my day.

Have a good week.

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