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9th December 2013

Sunderland again and whilst it appeared that but for the woodwork Spurs would have won more comfortably, that doesn't disguise the fact that the Mackems should have had a penalty when a Spurs player, Sandro, took the lace out of the ball!!

At Anfield Kevin Nolan was rightly sent off for a nasty intentional foul but right at the beginning of the game Liverpool could easily have gone down to ten men after another nasty foul didn't receive the ultimate punishment.

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Sunday and everything that is good about the Premier league in the Arsenal v Everton game; a first class match between two excellent teams controlled brilliantly by Howard Webb and his team. No controversy so that won't make the headlines.

Not so good for Mike Dean at the Fulham v Villa game. The penalty that he awarded to the struggling Cottagers was wrong, the Fulham player actually made contact with the Villa defender before going to ground; not harsh just wrong.

The pundits view was that he also got wrong the late call not to award the visitors a spot kick when Agbonlahor went over in the penalty area. Personally I thought that not for the first time the Villa forward was looking for it and was already going down before contact was made with the defender's leg.

Have a good week.

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