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4th November 2013

When I'm at a game on a Saturday afternoon one of the most familiar cries from the press box is "Cattermole's been sent off"!!!

Is he victimised by referees or is he just a brain dead liability to any team that he plays for? My money is most definitely on the latter. He makes it easy for referees.

Sunderland are in the mire and heading for the Championship their cause is most certainly not helped by his irresponsible and reckless behaviour. On Saturday he was even surpassed by a colleague who performed an even more nasty cowardly challenge than the two footed lunge that has become Cattermole's trademark. The second red card was worthy of much more than three match ban!! Ref Andre Marriner could have had another dismissal at the KC when Brady made another stupid challenge on Adam Johnson.

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At the Emirates where Arsenal brushed aside Liverpool the talking point was the caution of Sagna as Liverpool took the free kick quickly and were denied what would have been an equalising goal.

On talkSPORT Stan Collymore went ballistic complaining that the referee should have allowed the advantage to Liverpool by letting them take the free kick then coming back and cautioning the Arsenal player later. I see his point albeit that the Arsenal players did appear to stop when they heard the whistle.

It's a difficult one and all about split seconds. Ref Martin Atkinson sees the foul and blows, so what happens next is too late. Once he's blown he can't then start play without signalling. Had he not have been going to caution the player he could have had the option of restarting the game quickly, but as a caution was to be issued he probably had to do it there and then.

Hindsight is a wonderful thing and I fully understand the viewpoint that Liverpool lost out twice but the management of the situation is not as clear cut as the pundits try to make it.

At Craven Cottage Manchester United tore into hapless Fulham. United's three goals were all very close to being offside, but whilst they were all very tight decisions I believe that the assistant Ron Ganfield was spot on.

The benefit of doubt is supposed to be given to the attacker and all three calls were slide rule decisions. It could have been even worse for Fulham as they should have been reduced to ten men when a last minute flare up saw Fulham's Riether stamp on a united player. As the ref didn't appear to take any action then the FA should take action.

Sunday afternoon and a rather tame Everton v Spurs game with a penalty shout at either end, at least we had consistency neither were given which was about right in my book.

The South Wales derby was more frenetic in the stands than on the pitch no cards until the last few minutes. Swansea keeper Vorn was dismissed quite correctly by referee Mike Dean.

The pundits and managers talked about him being the last man so perhaps he had to go. Will they ever learn? It's nothing to do with being necessarily the last man, it's about denying an obvious goal scoring opportunity. However on this occasion I believe that was not why he was dismissed.

Campbell was caught in the chest by the keeper's boot so I think he was sent off for serious foul play. It would have been interesting to hear the referees reasoning, but we know that isn't likely to happen.

Have a good week.

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