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29th October 2013

At Anfield Liverpool conceded a penalty that looked very harsh to me and at the other end in front of the Kop in the first half West Brom had felt that they should have had another. It looked a fair challenge to me despite coming from behind.

No complaints either with the penalty that Arsenal got to open the scoring at Palace. Arsenal were reduced to ten men for the denial of a goal scoring opportunity when penalty scorer Arteta was dismissed. It was a long way out and referee Chris Foy took his time before producing a red card. There was definite coming together but it was debatable who made the first contact.

Probably the major talking points were at Villa Park, a clear penalty which Benteke had saved, though it looked as if the keeper moved very early. Referee Anthony Taylor, who has had a few problems of late, was very close to the action when he cautioned James McCarthy. It should have been red, no doubt, but a yellow card was produced and the spineless FA won't get involved.

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Controversy at the end of a goalless draw at Norwich where Fer, who earlier this season got away with conceding a penalty at Stoke and post match owned up to his shirt pulling, was once again honest post match about his indiscretions.

Referee Mick Jones got himself out of a problem by saying that he hadn't signalled for the throw-in to be taken. Ahem, bet he didn't signal for any others in the game either!!

Fer admitted that he had tried to score and win the game when everyone just expected him to return the ball to the opposition after the game was stopped for one of his colleagues to receive treatment. This guy Mr Fer is getting a reputation.

Sunday's live TV games could have both been controversial, but both were refereed very well. First was the Wear Tyne derby that has seen five red cards in the last six games. I was surprised to see that Lee Probert was the man in charge but in fairness he had a cracking game, managing the few flashpoints, calm throughout and he kept the lid on the potentially explosive match.

Likewise Howard Webb and especially his assistant Darren Cann who was spot on with some very tight decisions. It was players who cocked up and settled the match. If it had been one of the official's mistakes that changed such an important game we'd have never heard the last of it!!

AVB made the incredible decision to criticise his own fans; not a good idea. Brucey was moaning not for the first time and the MOTD crew suggested a penalty wouldn't be given for the same incident for the away side. So referees are cheats then, cos that's what they are saying.

The Hull player had his arm up and it blocked the forward motion of the ball. So I can understand why Michael Oliver gave the penalty.

A similar sort of incident with the virtually the last action at Swansea brings forward the lack of consistency argument, Joe Cole turned his back on the cross but his arms were raised and the ball hit them stopping it going across the goal. No penalty given and its difficult to say why one was and one wasn't. It's probably fair to say that they either both were or both weren't.

Have a good week.

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