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22nd October 2013

Not a good weekend for referees!!! The major talking point came at Stamford Bridge with the equalising Chelsea goal. The Cardiff goalkeeper was bouncing the ball when E'to kicked it away and shortly afterwards Chelsea scored.

I am sure that a lot of people would have thought nothing was wrong with this, indeed as E'to's challenge was not dangerous then why was there a problem?

Well the laws of the game state that when a keeper bounces the ball he is still classed as being in possession and an opponent cannot play the ball. I am sure that referee Anthony Taylor knew this but was not looking at the incident; he took instruction from his assistant referee who was over 50 yards away and allegedly suggested that he thought the keeper had dropped the ball in which case E'to was within his rights to play the ball.

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Unfortunately what he thought he saw was not accurate and a free kick should have been awarded to Cardiff. One thing is for certain the ref and his assistant are very unlikely to be in Premier League action next weekend.

Elsewhere no problems at St.James' Park as the Toon defender was correctly dismissed when he pulled back Suarez.

At Everton it was all about Gareth Barry and not a good day for referee Neil Swarbrick. He was unlucky with Everton's opener which should have been ruled out for offside. Barry definitely got a touch as the ball went into goal. It was difficult for the assistant referee to tell if Barry had played the ball and the ref obviously didn't see it either.

It was amusing though that at the time of the goal Barry was claiming it but after the game when no doubt he had been told he was off. Miraculously he told the MOTD audience that he didn't touch it!!!

One thing is for certain he should not have been on the pitch at the end of the game; he escaped a card when he crocked Danny Graham then he was guilty of another reckless tackle that he was cautioned for. The tackle could have been a red card offence but was most certainly at least worthy of a second yellow and he should have walked.

At Stoke the visitors West Brom should have had a penalty when Charlie Adams caught an Albion attacker in the box. Perhaps the assistant referee was looking through the back of the players and didn't have a clear view of the contact. Whatever the reason it was another incorrect decision.

If the authorities discipline all the officials for this weekend's errors I might have to make a comeback next week!!

Have a good week.

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