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7th October 2013

Plenty of penalty area incidents this weekend, some very good decisions and also some questionable ones.

It all started at the Etihad when Everton couldn't believe that they weren't awarded a penalty just before city scored to go 2-1. I don't think referee Jon Moss believed what he saw either, as Nastasic crazily barged into the back of Lukaku.

The Everton loanee was going nowhere but it was a foul and a spot kick should have been awarded. That non decision was made worse by the fact that City were later given a penalty when Coleman laid hands on Zabaleta, who took no time in reacting to it and going to ground.

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Contact was minimal but it was a penalty though nowhere near as clear as the one not given. I was on way to the Boro match so didn't hear Mark Halsey's comments but on Monday morning on Sky Alan Wiley did his best to defend the referee. Sometimes my former colleagues you just need to hold your hands up and admit that a mistake has been made.

At Anfield another set of confusing circumstances as a foul outside the penalty area continued into the box and a spot kick was awarded. The commentator got equally mixed up, suggesting that it had to be a penalty because it was denial of a goal scoring opportunity. No it wasn't!!

Stoke were annoyed at Fulham as Kasami was guilty of violent conduct off the ball but this was not seen by the match officials.

This will be interesting; it's a Fulham player not a Chelsea player so the FA will grow a pair and probably take action, not hiding behind rules of convenience and the threat and power of the big clubs.

The visitors should also have had a penalty when a defender stumbled into the back of an attacker, no intent, but none necessary, it was a foul. Mind you at the other end Fulham should also have had one as well, not a good day at the office for ref Roger East.

On Sunday at Southampton an incident that left many scratching their heads when Wanyana's 'goal' was chalked out for an offence that nobody else saw after a corner was mistakenly given to the home side. I think we all know what happened there!!

Have a good week.

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