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23th September 2013

Everton fought back to win at West Ham with two brilliant Baines free kicks, but perhaps their task would have been harder had Ross Barclay been red carded, as he should have been for an over the top tackle on Noble.

The West Ham player himself saw red for two yellow card offences and he will no doubt feel aggrieved because the challenge on him was far worse than the offences that saw him taking an early bath.

Liverpool surprisingly lost at home to Southampton but it might have been different had the home side have been awarded a penalty after Sturridge was caught in the penalty area. He didn't collapse to the deck like many would have done, showing perhaps that honesty does not pay.

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The continuation of the Paulo Di Canio pantomime continues and unless Sunderland see sense they are doomed. At least there will be a couple of North-East derbies to look forward to next season!!

Well having just written the previous sentence, Sunderland did in fact see sense and was anyone really surprised? Unfortunately players have all the power nowadays and PDC's style of management that was dubious in the lower divisions was never ever going to work with Premiership players and their egos.

The club have given him a fortune to spend and whoever the new manager is they are going to have a hell of a job moulding all the new signings into a team. I really find it amazing that pundits are expressing surprise at the sacking.

Still it does means things will be a little bit less volatile in the North east. Hang on though - that's a cue for Ashley to do something bizarre at Newcastle.

Back on the pitch the Manchester derby was not controversial. I listened on the radio as I travelled back from Forfar and the commentary suggested that Rooney had come close to getting himself sent off before getting his head on and proving himself their best player.

The only real controversy in the afternoon's games was, for the second week running, Spurs keeper Lloris. Last week he was correctly only cautioned for handling the ball outside the box. This time was different though.

Had it have been possible to ascertain if he did in fact handle outside the area then on this occasion it would have been a red card as his intervention did prevent an obvious goal scoring opportunity. The problem was even with the benefit of hindsight it was difficult to be 100% certain that his point of contact was inside or outside the penalty area; if it was on the line then that is inside the area.

Some pundits suggested that the assistant rather than referee Mark Clattenburg should have given it, but the keeper's body was obliterating his view of the ball and the keeper's hands.

How about technology for infield incidents? Hold your breath, they will be asking for it soon.

Lloris was also involved in the other main talking point as the ref penalised an attacker for fouling him and then disallowed a Cardiff 'goal'. The Cardiff manager didn't see it that way; he must have seen different footage to me!!

Have a good week.

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