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3rd September 2013

It's difficult to know what a hand ball is anymore but I thought both teams should have had one at Carrow Road in the Norwich City v Southampton game.

Both were not hand to ball and arms were raised in unnatural positions blocking the bath of the ball. Stonewall, I think the pundits call them!!

There was another call for a late penalty for the home team but Howard Webb was obviously not for giving penalties this weekend.

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The refs certainly weren't that keen on giving spot kicks this weekend; Antony Taylor was not convinced that Leighton Baines had been impeded when it looked as if his legs were taken after he burst into the Cardiff penalty area.

Robbie Savage highlighted the player looking for the insurance in the penalty area of winning a penalty if he doesn't get past an opponent. I wonder if he'll get those decisions when he's in the red of Manchester United?

Couple of flying elbows from Kim and Bellamy that also went unpunished; in fairness the 'victims' did not make a meal of it perhaps suggesting to the officials that contact was accidental.

Good to see a manager blasting his own players rather than the referee!! However it won't work and Paulo Di Canio may well be the first managerial casualty of the new season. It was always an accident waiting to happen.

Sunday afternoon and two massive matches that usually provide major talking points and controversy. Not this time, both games passed without major incident in no small way thanks to the excellent control of Messrs Marriner and Oliver.

Have a good week.

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