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The appointment of Garry Monk as Boro's new 'manager' has been met by almost universal approval. We know however how quickly the opinions of supporters and the media can change, dependent on results.

The description of manager as opposed to the title of his predecessor Aitor Karanka, who was the 'Head Coach', is an interesting one that hasn't gone unnoticed on Teesside.

Monk, from his introduction at the club's press conference and his early weeks at the club, has already stamped his style and personality and comes across as a man who knows what he wants and doesn't suffer fools gladly. He has charisma and appears to leave no stone unturned to meet his targets.

It is apparent that he has done his homework at the club both with players and staff. To say he is a new broom that is sweeping away rather quickly some personnel both on and off the field is no understatement.

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He has a track record of giving youth a chance and that is music to the ears of people not only at the club but also in the football world in general.

England have enjoyed success on the world and European stage during the summer months from Under 21 level downwards. The all-conquering Under 20''s squad included Boro's own Harry Chapman and Dale Fry. They, along with the majority of their international colleagues now probably face a new season where the chances of getting regular first team games will involve loans spells.

It was amazing to listen to the stats regarding the number of players from other countries who were first choices at the their clubs, most certainly by the time they got to Under 21 level. Many of our players who due to the qualification and eligibility rules were actually 22 or 23 still weren't featuring regularly at Premier League level.

Aitor Karanka, like his sidekick Jose Mourinho, didn't appear to trust youth, an attitude shared by many others. Perhaps our system in this country doesn't help where a manager is only ever a few games from the sack. Monk may just buck that trend.

Both Fry and Chapman, along with the likes of Callum Cooke and Connor Ripley, could get opportunities that haven't been afforded to them under the previous regime.

In Steve Gibson, Monk has a chairman who whilst committed to us "smashing" the Championship, is also, as we all know, a man that is patient, loyal and supportive. A blend of hungry local youngsters from the Boro's renowned Academy coupled with new faces and our existing experienced players is surely a combination that can succeed.

Someone once said that "You win nowt with kids." Well that was proved to be incorrect, if the kids have outstanding talent. It seems now that a player in general terms can't be expected to break into a Premier League team regularly until he's around 23 years of age. We're not Premier League for at least one season, so hopefully when we get back up we'll have a few players who are regulars.

Getting back to the difference in terms of Manager against Head coach, perhaps a Head Coach whilst having an input on incoming transfers doesn't have the final say? There are too many examples under the Karanka regime of players who appeared not to be in the manager's plans. Some might disagree but to me it's the obvious conclusion to make.

I fully understand why clubs have adopted a recruitment policy that doesn't need a total change every time a change of leadership happens. Boro's new gaffer is the Manager and you just get the impression that he'll be deciding who comes and goes and that reputations won't count for a lot if players don't buy into his philosophies.

Ability and attitude won't be determined by a player's birth certificate either. Perhaps that's why supporters on Teesside have justifiable optimism as a new chapter in the club's history unfolds.

Rumours were rife with names of potential signings but the club have acted quickly with the additions of experienced Championship campaigners Jonny Howson, an attacking midfielder who scores goals and Cyrus Christie, an attacking full back who can also take legal throw-ins.

This week saw the additions of Martin Braithwaite and George Miller. They are the first and certainly not expected to be the last.

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