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Ipswich Town recently proposed to all other Championship clubs that there should be a cap of 25 on the price of tickets for visiting supporters at their Portman Road ground. Evidently both Reading and Cardiff City had already brought this in to action independently themselves. It was suggested that Reading only charged 20.

Personally I think it's a no brainer. The Twenty's Plenty campaign for the Premier League didn't quite achieve its goal but at least the cap was set at 30, a marked improvement on the previous figures of sometimes double that amount.

For the Championship in general I believe that all clubs would benefit from a lower rate for visitors but Middlesbrough Football Club and their supporters would stand, along with Sunderland, to potentially gain the most.

This time around there are more bigger clubs in the Division who will bring larger numbers of supporters, unlike in previous seasons were sometimes only 200 or so travellers would venture to the 'far' north and it's amazing that so many fans don't venture to the north-east. Maybe the lower admission prices might help?

It's the benefit to Boro's loyal travelling supporters that appeals to me the most. In previous seasons, along with Leeds United, Boro always were at the of the table of travelling supporters stats and Sunderland will no doubt join us as thousands head south every other week. With the added costs for transport as the miles add up, any help to the pockets of the loyal fans is welcome.

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The revealing of the new strips for the forthcoming season always causes great debate. This year at the Boro has been no different. Let's be honest, everyone is not going to be in agreement, one man's meat is another man's poison.

The return of the white band won't have upset too many I wouldn't have imagined. The point of derision and negativity it seems with some is the size of the sponsors logo, which obviously must fit within the allowable guidelines. Last season, it was just the company's name that adorned the club kits but this season that has been added to with the advertisement of a particular service that they offer.

Sponsors obviously expect value for money when continuing to plough substantial sums into deals with clubs, and they expect maximum exposure to help get their products into the market place. The fact that so many people have been talking about it means the aim has already been met; added to that just where are Boro fans get their currency for this year's holidays?

As long as Boro keep on winning, then I don't suppose anyone will bother a jot how big the sponsor's name is on the shirt. One thing's for sure - everyone will remember it.

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