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Having a Sportsman's Evening or looking for an ideal present for a football fan or simply just treating yourself?

Please contact me to purchase fully authenticated football memorabilia.

Always in stock - signed framed action prints of Rooney, Gerrard, Lampard, Pele, Rangers players and many more. Enquiries by clicking here.

Available also are signed mounted prints of Gazza.

Gazza prints priced at 60 inclusive of UK postage/packing or delivery costs.

paul gascoigne
Gazza Highs And Lows. A signed mounted print encapsulating the ecstasy of the goal against Scotland and the Tears in Turin.

paul gascoigne
Tears in Turin. A mounted signed print epitomising the moment when Gazza's World Cup dream ended.

For your interest I have discovered a young man with talent and initiative trying to earn a living, his products might be of interest to Rangers fans. Check it out by clicking here.

I may not be a male model in the making or have Scott's nipples, but the tee shirt is quality, available via the links for Chris's Copland Street wear.


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